Europe Moves – ‘An EU earthquake’

Jon Danzig |


The headlines speak for themselves – but do they speak for you? Supporters of the European Union now have a huge task ahead to speak more loudly, more persuasively and, most importantly, more unitedly, to win over the hearts and minds of our continent’s half-a-billion citizens.

Anti-EU parties have made huge gains in the European Parliament elections 2014 and caused what the headlines are describing as an ‘earthquake’. But despite this, pro-EU parties still retain the most seats in the European Parliament, and the European Peoples Party* – strong supporters of the European Union project – is still Europe’s biggest party with the most MEPs.  

To ensure that the European Union survives and thrives in the years and decades to come, there needs to be significant change, with more democracy devolving to the European Parliament, and to the citizens of our continent. In addition, the shocking misinformation about the EU needs to be robustly challenged and corrected.

But one thing we should not tamper with is the fundamental, founding principle of the European Union: the free movement of goods, services, capital and people (the 4 freedoms*). 

European Union 2014 election results

Although the anti-EU party, UKIP, won the most European Parliament seats in the UK, in Europe as a whole, the pro-EU parties still dominate. The biggest party is still the pro-EU EPP (European Peoples Party).

*In the UK, the pro-EU ‘European Peoples Party’ – by far the biggest in Europe – is represented by the 4 Freedoms Party, after the Conservative Party decided to leave the EPP in 2009. 

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