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Today, writing in the Daily Express newspaper, columnist James Delingpole shockingly compares the European Union to Nazi Germany. He claimed that a “faceless commissar in Brussels” was deciding to ban every-day consumer products for no good reason.

The newspaper asks its readers to play a new Christmas game called, “EU Ban Bingo” to “guess what Brussels is going to ban next”.

Coffee percolators were now, “enemy number one in the war on climate change,” wrote Mr Delingpole. “In future, Brussels decrees, they must all be fitted with devices which stop them heating your coffee for more than five minutes.”

In 2013, continued the Daily Express article, “Euthymol toothpaste had to be withdrawn from the shelves because one of its key ingredients fell foul of the latest pettifogging EU directive on cosmetics. It’s back on the shelves now with a slightly altered formula.”

And, “half the pesticides and herbicides you used to rely on to kill your blackfly or your nettles have thanks to the EU either been withdrawn from the market or are unavailable without a special licence or have been so watered down they’re no longer effective.”

Asserted Mr Dellingpole, “since when was it the job of some faceless commissar in Brussels to make these decisions for us?” And he added, “IF WE want to poison our slugs (and ourselves) with toxic chemicals that should be our prerogative.”

And then the comparison with Nazi Germany:

“All right, so the EU isn’t quite Nazi Germany but it does employ some of the same techniques to advance its power, such as the way it takes care not to erode our freedoms all in one go but slowly, drip by drip, like Chinese water torture.”

What the Express doesn’t make clear is that, unlike Nazi Germany, the European Union is a democracy, with a democratically elected Parliament that decides almost all EU laws and has the power to dismiss the entire European Commission.

Restrictions on products that harm humans and/or the planet were not imposed by a “faceless commissar in Brussels”, as claimed by the Daily Express. They were democratically passed by a majority of the European Parliament in Brussels to protect half-a-billion citizens residing across the EU.

And what the Daily Express also doesn’t point out is that, unlike Nazi Germany, no country was ever forced to join the European Union, and all are free to leave. But then, why let the truth get in the way of accurate reporting about the European Union?

The Daily Express’s assertion that the EU employs some of the same techniques as Nazi Germany is a shocking, baseless absurdity.

But then, as Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda, famously said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Is that the Daily Express’s game?  Or is it that this newspaper is suffering from what psychologists call “projection” (when someone blames others for a fault in themselves)?

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