Greek banker designs new Euro coin

Jon Danzig |

The new Euro coin designed by a Greek banker

Irony comes in many shapes and sizes. Just as Greeks and the rest of Europe watch with bated breath whether Greece will leave the Euro zone, comes news that a designer with the Bank of Greece has won a prize for the design of a new Euro coin.

The new coin is to celebrate 30 years of the EU flag.

Last year the European Commission held a competition to find the best design for the new coin. There were 62 designs submitted by Euro area mints, and a professional jury selected five of the coin designs to be voted on by European citizens.

Over 100,000 people voted online, and the most votes – almost a third – went to one design by Georgios Stamatopoulos from the Bank of Greece. The commemorative coin (pictured) will be jointly issued by the 19 Euro-zone countries during July.

Usually the national side of the Euro coin is reserved for a motif specific to each country. The new commemorative coin, however, will share the same design for all countries of the Euro zone, which the European Commission has described as, “a symbol of European unity”.

I hope that Greece will be staying in the Euro zone to enjoy the new Euro coin designed by one of their countrymen.


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