Support for EU highest ever

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Support for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union is currently the highest it’s been since the creation of the EU, according to a new poll released today.

The poll by Ipsos MORI discovered that 75% of people are now in favour of Britain’s continued membership of the EU. Only 25% want Britain to leave. This latest poll was conducted by the Evening Standard. Commented The Independent newspaper this afternoon, “The latest poll will alarm Eurosceptic campaigners as the Government raises the prospect of an early EU referendum.”

The poll means that support for the EU is higher than it’s been since the European Community was renamed the European Union in 1993.

Britons want to stay in the EU, poll reveals

The Evening Standard headline today was, “We want to stay in EU, voters tell PM”.

The Standard’s ‘excusive poll’ showed that people would vote 3-to-1 in favour of Britain’s continued membership of the EU. That’s considerably more than voted in the last referendum in 1975 when the vote was 2-to-1 in favour of Britain’s continued membership.

The Standard stated about their poll, “If the historic in-out referendum were to be staged now, 66 per cent say they would vote to remain members and 22 per cent would vote to quit. Excluding the don’t knows, at 12 per cent, the result is an emphatic 75 to 25.”

The survey for the Evening Standard used the exact wording expected to be on voting slips in the poll, due to be held by the end of 2017.

Commented The Standard, “The results indicate the highest support for EU membership for 24 years. If the mood does not change, the referendum would end doubts about Britain’s future in the EU for years to come. The last time support was higher was in 1991, before the Maastricht Treaty renamed the European Community a “Union” and triggered years of Tory civil war.”

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