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The Brexit Bodge: What they said

Brexit Bodge


The EU referendum was only a week ago, and already the false claims and promises of ‘Leave’ campaigners are painfully unravelling.

  • THEY SAID that outside the EU, Britain could control migration. This would relieve on public services.
    – BUT NOW they’re saying that leaving the EU can’t radically reduce migration and that fears about immigration didn’t influence the way people voted.
  • THEY SAID that we send £350m a week to the EU, which could be spent on the NHS instead.
    – BUT NOW they’re saying that the claim was a mistake. It was never promised. They’re not able to spend that much extra on the NHS.
  • THEY SAID Britain doesn’t need preferential access to the EU Single Market.
    – BUT NOW they’re saying that we should have preferential access to the Single Market.
  • THEY SAID there will be an end to ‘free movement of people’.
    – BUT NOW they’re talking about ‘free movement of labour’.
  • THEY SAID Britain has a great future outside the EU; that we’d get out country back and ‘take control’.
    – BUT NOW they’re saying they don’t have a plan for Brexit. They never did. The government should have had a plan.

Now, it seems no one is in control. Welcome to getting your country back.

We remain unconvinced by Brexit
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