Theresa May is throwing away the Tory legacy

Jon Danzig |

Mrs May is throwing away the legacy of past leaders

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, seems to be in a desperate hurry. She wants to break-away from the EU within two years of triggering Article 50, and to have a new EU trade deal in place at the same time.

That’s something top EU lawyer, Jean-Claude Piris, said will be ‘totally impossible.’

Next, Mrs May has announced, she wants Britain to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, if she’s elected back to power in the 2020 General Election.

The Prime Minister is intent on undoing the progressive achievements of her predecessors.

Former Tory leader, Margaret Thatcher, urged Britain to remain the European Community in the first referendum of 1975.

In a keynote speech at the time she said:

“It is not surprising that I, as Leader of the Conservative Party, should wish to give my wholehearted support to this campaign, for the Conservative Party has been pursuing the European vision almost as long as we have existed as a Party.”

Mrs Thatcher also pushed for, and made possible, the Single Market of Europe.

It was one of the Tory party’s greatest leaders, Winston Churchill, who passionately promoted the ‘Union of Europe as a whole’ and is recognised as one of the 11 founders of the European Union.

Churchill also proposed a European ‘Charter’ and ‘Court’ of Human Rights that became the European Convention on Human Rights. He said in 1948:

“We aim at the eventual participation of all the peoples throughout the continent whose society and way of life are in accord with the Charter of Human Rights.”

It was Tory Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan who applied for Britain to join the European Community in 1961.

He explained to the British people:

“By joining this vigorous and expanding community and becoming one of its leading members, as I am convinced we would, this country would not only gain a new stature in Europe, but also increase its standing and influence in the councils of the world.”

It was Tory Prime Minister, Edward Heath, who joined Britain to the European Community in 1973, with the backing of Parliament.

And it was former Tory Prime Minister, John Major, who negotiated and won Parliament’s backing to sign the Maastricht Treaty, that among other benefits gave us EU citizenship rights allowing us to live, work, study or retire across a huge expanse of our continent.

Theresa May is throwing away the glorious legacy of past Tory leaders. Why? Because she is not a true Tory.

Her policies are not true Tory goals. Her vision of Britain outside of the European Community, and of Britain leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, do not represent true Tory values.

Mrs May was not even elected as their leader by the Tory Party. It’s time the Tories seriously considered removing Mrs May from office, to save their party’s heritage, and more importantly, to save Britain.


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