‘We can stop Brexit’ – Catherine Bearder, MEP

Jon Danzig |

At the European Parliament in Brussels I interviewed LibDem MEP, Catherine Bearder, who gave a positive message: We can stop Brexit.

“Absolutely it can be stopped,” she said, “and I think that’s the message that I would like to get out.”

The LibDem MEP added, “It has to be done democratically.”

Ms Bearder said that voters need to be told that, ‘This is not a done deal, this is your choice. Is this the deal you thought you were going to get? You can change your mind if you want to.’

“Lots of people do change their minds,” said Ms Bearder. “Even Mrs May has changed her mind.”

Ms Bearder, who has been an MEP for almost ten years, has promoted a hashtag, #GiveUsASayMrsMay.

Ms Bearder told me:

“My message is that Brexit is not inevitable.”

“We can stop this, but we need the voices to come from the streets. We need people to be saying: ‘This is not what we voted for.’”

Please share this 7-minute video. Polls show that most of the country now thinks that Brexit is a mistake, but that it’s too late to stop it.

But as Ms Bearder says, Brexit can be stopped. “We need to demand a vote on the final deal,” she said.



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