Can Britain stop Brexit? Yes.

Jon Danzig |

One year ago, on 20 September 2017, I gave a talk for Stratford4Europe called, CAN BRITAIN STOP BREXIT?

In my 50-minute presentation, which included over 100 graphics and historical video clips, I gave a resolute response to the title of the talk:

“Yes. Britain can stop Brexit, if that’s what Britain wants. Anything democracy decides, democracy can also undo.”

But, I pointed out, the more important question is:

‘Should Britain stop Brexit?’

In my presentation, already watched by tens of thousands of people, I explain how the EU was started, how Britain joined, and how we’re now leaving based on an entirely flawed referendum.

All the points in my talk are as valid today as one year ago – more so, because we are now possibly just weeks away from Brexit reaching a point of no return.

For anyone who wants a clearer understanding of how Brexit represents the biggest con in recent British history, please watch and share this video. Here’s an easy-to-remember URL link so you can share with you your friends, family, colleagues and associates: