Operation Yellowhammer: Speak up before it’s too late

Jon Danzig |

According to the government’s own in-depth assessments, every version of Brexit will make us worse off. But their ‘leaked’ Yellowhammer report has revealed that a no-deal Brexit will wreak the greatest havoc. It will also put into jeopardy our own union of the United Kingdom.

And still, no one can properly answer why on earth are we going ahead with Brexit? There are no benefits, only enormous disadvantages and massive disruptions. Who can be in any doubt that Brexit is bad for Britain?

On the other hand, membership of the European Union has hugely benefited Britain, and given us a leading voice and votes on the running and future direction of our continent.

It’s not too late to stop Brexit if that’s now what Britain wants. And according to almost 100 consecutive polls of the past two years, that’s exactly what Britain does want (details: data.reasons2remain.com).

It’s the duty of all patriots to speak up when they can see danger ahead for their country.

So, let’s all speak up, louder than ever before, to Stop Brexit and Save Britain.


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