Brexit. What is it? Nobody really knows

Jon Danzig |

Everybody’s talking about it. We have to do it, don’t we? We should have done it three years ago. Why is it taking so long? Just get on with it!

The ‘it’ in Brexit has never been defined. Nobody really knows what it means. But people keep saying we have to do it. After all, it’s what people voted for, isn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘it’ in ‘Brexit’. Why? Because it matters!

Imagine the choice in the referendum had been between ‘Remain’ and ‘It’. That might have been more honest.

Vote for it!

What does it mean?

It means it!

I don’t get it.

Get with it! It has got to be better than what we’ve got!

Anyway, it has won! We have to do it.

Yes, the country has voted for it. So, Parliament, GET ON WITH IT!

Ok. Ok. The government has spent two years negotiating it.

We’ve cracked it! We’ve got it! Here it is. It is 585-pages long!

No! That’s not it.

It’s not what we voted for. You haven’t got it.

You don’t want it?

Yes, we want it. But IT has to be something else.

What is it?

You know, it. What we voted for. It.

We can’t find it. Another government will have to look for it.

We’ll tell the EU exactly what it is!

What is it?

We’re still trying to work it out.

When will it happen? It has been delayed two times already.

It must happen on 31 October. No ifs or buts; it has to happen, because the country wants it.

Wonderful! It is going to happen at last!

What will it be?

Stop asking about it.

Whatever it is, it will happen. It must happen.

At precisely 11pm on 31 October. It will happen then, do or die, come what may.

Even if we don’t know what it is. It is going to happen!

Of course, none of it makes sense.

The people, our Parliament, the government, all of us, have been arguing about it for over three years.

Why? Because none of us has a clue what it is.

It could be anything. There are so many versions of it, that we could spend the next 100 years arguing about it, and still not agree what it is.

It was entirely avoidable, if only we’d had more clever leaders.

It was bloody stupid of the previous Prime Minister, David Cameron, to promise an EU referendum in which it (Leave) was never defined.

There was no plan, blueprint or manifesto for it.

The Tory manifesto of 2015 promised an EU referendum and, whilst backing Remain, pledged to implement Leave if it is what the country chose.

But nowhere, absolutely nowhere, in the Tory manifesto was it (Leave) detailed. It was just one word. A pretty meaningless word.

How on earth could the Tories promise to implement something when they couldn’t even say what it is?

The Tory government may as well have said to the nation:

“We’ve known Remain for over 40 years and it’s served the country well. We think we should Remain. But if you vote for ‘it’ instead, we promise to do ‘it’, even though we don’t know what ‘it’ is.”

Yes, it was bloody stupid of Mr Cameron to promise to implement something in advance when ‘it’ was not spelt out.

But it was even stupider of Parliament to have gone along with it:

To agree to a referendum in which the country was being asked to choose between a clearly known outcome, compared with an entirely unknown, non-explained, undetermined result.

The country should never have been subjected to such a ridiculous choice.

We can’t go ahead with Brexit until the country has had an opportunity to compare a real and properly defined version of Leave with Remain.

That means a new vote on Brexit, when we know what ‘it’ is.


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