Johnson misled his Queen and his country

Jon Danzig |

Boris Johnson was at a Climate Change Conference in New York today as the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that his prorogation of Parliament was unlawful.

For sure, the climate for Johnson has changed. But so far, he seems to think he can weather the storm. The beleaguered Prime Minister said that he “strongly disagreed” with the court’s ruling.

An honourable Prime Minister would have resigned by now. Not Johnson. He says he is going to continue to take the UK out of the EU by 31 October.

If he tries to do that without getting Parliamentary agreement for a new deal first, he will be breaking the law. Another Supreme Court case looming? Quite possibly.

But this Prime Minister – and the man behind him, lurking in the shadows (Dominic Cummings) – give every impression of not caring about democracy, Parliament, the rule of law… or the truth.

  • Mr Johnson is the man who misled the country by saying that we send the EU £350m a week which could instead be spent on the NHS.

It was the one claim that Mr Cummings said clinched the narrow win for Leave in the referendum. Claim? It was a lie. We’re leaving the EU because of a lie (a lot of lies).

  • Mr Johnson is the man who barefaced lied to Her Majesty the Queen, saying he needed Parliament to close down for five weeks so he could prepare her new speech.

It was a lie. Parliament was shut up – physically and vocally – because of a lie.

Forget Cameron. Forget Farage. Without Johnson, the country would not now be in such an horrendous mess. We would not be on the road to Brexit, that the country now doesn’t want.

Unashamed Johnson told reporters this evening that he now just wants to “get on with Brexit.” He said that’s what most British people – whether they voted Leave or Remain – now want.

He said:

“The British people just want to get this thing done.”

It’s another lie.

Over 90 consecutive polls of the past two years all concur: Britain now prefers to REMAIN in the EU.

There are NO current or recent polls saying that Britain wants to go ahead with Brexit. (Source:

A man who can lie to his Queen and to his country is not fit to be our Prime Minister. He has to go.

And Leave voters, please take this on board. You were lied to. You are the victims of a gigantic national fraud. The Brexit dream you were sold by Johnson and Co is a mirage that will benefit you not one jot.

Come and join us on the right side of history. Reject the lies of Leave.


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