Boris Johnson: Sorry is too easy

Jon Danzig |

No matter what he does wrong – and there’s a thick catalogue of wrongs – Boris Johnson thinks he can just say “sorry” and everything will be fine.

But everything isn’t fine and sorry won’t do.

Today at the Covid public inquiry, Boris Johnson said he was “deeply sorry” for the victims of Covid and their families.

Ironically, it was victims of Covid protesting at the hearing who were ushered out of the hearing. Their placards pertinently pointed out, “The dead won’t hear your apologies.”

Johnson is yet to say sorry for the calamity of #Brexit that he caused, but he seems intent to think that sorry suffices for most of his crimes.

For Johnson and all the Tories who have inflicted severe damage on this country for the past 13+ years, who are still today destroying this country, undermining its reputation, and impoverishing its citizens:


You’ve all got to go. And none of us will be sorry for your departure.

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