The infamous five Prime Ministers

Jon Danzig |

The five Conservative Prime Ministers of this millennium have cumulatively inflicted such deeply ingrained damage to our country that it may take generations to repair what they have done.

Of the five, four strongly supported EU membership before the referendum. They knew in their hearts and heads that Brexit would be ruinous for Britain, but still facilitated it.

Rishi Sunak was the only one to consistently support leaving the EU, but you only have to watch him wax lyrical about the exclusive benefits to Northern Ireland of being in the Single Market to catch on that he, too, realises that Brexit makes no sense.

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How could any of them justify burdening Britain with huge barriers to our trade with the rest of our continent?

The EU was, is, and will always be our biggest, most important, and most lucrative export and import market in the world by far.

There are no benefits, no trade-offs, no rationale to spoiling our trade with Europe. It would be like a business saying, “We have a grand idea. We’re going to make it much more difficult for our best customers in the world to trade with us.”

If it was only Brexit, that might be bad enough. But it’s much worse.

These five Prime Ministers – David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, and Rishi Sunak – have imposed wounding, excruciating, devastating austerity measures that only – only – detrimentally affect ordinary people, not the likes of them or their rich buddies.

And for what benefits? Like Brexit, none.

  • If you’re ill or injured, how does it help you, your country, or your workplace, if your recovery is severely delayed because of a decimated NHS? How does that help the country to grow?
  • If you’re unfit to work, what makes the government think that you can work from home, as if your disability only affects you when you’re at work?
  • If you work, pay taxes, but can’t afford enough to feed yourself and your children, and become reliant on foodbanks, of what benefit is that to a country that should instead cherish, nurture, and invest in its people?

Britain is a multicultural, multiracial, multinational country. That’s what we are. We also need millions of migrants because we have millions more jobs than Britons to do them (due to a rapidly growing older population and a declined birth rate).

And yet, these five infamous Prime Ministers have helped to create deep divisions – a hatred of migrants coming here and being here (but face it, check your DNA, we are ALL descended from migrants).

Those five knew and know that Britain needs migrants. Yet they lied by claiming, and still claim, that we have too many.

Brexit meant EU citizens vacated jobs and left. They’ve had to be replaced with migrants from India, Hong Kong, Philippines – all issued with UK visas because, lo and behold, we need them and the five knew that all along.

Don’t, just don’t, tell me what I’ve left out. This article just scratches the surface of the harm the infamous five Tory PMs of this millennium have done to us. And they haven’t finished yet.


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