How to fix broken Britain

Jon Danzig |

I’m so impressed with the new book, Fixing Broken Britain by Alun Drake, that I’ve made a 2-minute video about it.

Anyone who lives in Britain, or observes it from afar, knows it’s a broken country. But none of the main parties are addressing why it’s broken – or how to fix it.

But that’s precisely what journalist Alun Drake does in his superb book, which pinpoints the problems and offers practical solutions.

His lucid insights are presented with flair, humour, and wisdom.

Alun’s book isn’t a bid to launch a new political party, however. His constructive solutions to the United Kingdom’s deep-seated problems aim to uplift the nation’s low spirits.

And I know he’ll be delighted if any of the main parties take up his fixes.

In my view, not only are his ideas obvious answers for broken Britain, but they would also be vote-winners in any manifesto.

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  • Watch this 2-minute video: How to fix broken Britain











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