Why the European Community was created

Jon Danzig |

The European Community, now called the European Union, was started for one reason alone: to create lasting peace and security between its members following the most devastating war the world had ever known.

Don’t take my word for it. Read what UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, said to the European Parliament on 9 December 1986:

“70 years ago Europe had just experienced, on the battlefields of Verdun and the Somme, the bloodiest fighting, the most tragic waste of a generation, that the world has ever known.

“The Second World War was to bring further heartbreak and destruction.

“Our Community was conceived and constructed to ensure that this experience would never be repeated, to bring about a lasting peace within Western Europe, to replace antagonism with friendship and cooperation, to deepen and broaden Europe’s democratic tradition.”

Mrs Thatcher added:

“And let us never forget that the aftermath of war produced two great ideas which have shaped our destiny ever since. One was the NATO Alliance, the other the European Community.”

Throughout her premiership, and previously as an MP and then leader of the Opposition, Mrs Thatcher was a strong supporter of the European Community project.

In particular, she helped to design and promote the EU’s crown jewel: its Single Market, that has transformed and enriched the continent of Europe.

Today, every European country is in the EU’s Single Market or wants to be (except Britain and Belarus).

Recent polling by YouGov indicates that 70% of Britons support a closer relationship with the EU, including joining the Single Market, even if it means allowing free movement of people (which of course it would).  











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      • Every European country is now IN the EU’s Single Market or wants to be, except Britain and Belarus































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