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Jon Danzig is an award winning medical journalist and formerly an investigative journalist at the BBC. He specialises in health, human rights and the European Union.


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Why the European Community was created

Jon Danzig |

The European Community, now called the European Union, was started for one reason alone: to create lasting peace and security between its members following the most devastating war the world had ever known. Don’t take my word for it. Read what UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, said to the European Parliament on 9 December 1986: […]

When Britain LOVED the Single Market

Jon Danzig |

Back in 1988, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government was ultra-keen to get British businesses fully prepared for Europe’s new Single Market, due to be launched four years later in 1992. Prime Minister Thatcher enthusiastically launched her government’s ‘Europe Open for Business’ campaign in a keynote speech on 18 April 1988. Mrs Thatcher, who championed the concept […]

How to fix broken Britain

Jon Danzig |

I’m so impressed with the new book, Fixing Broken Britain by Alun Drake, that I’ve made a 2-minute video about it. Anyone who lives in Britain, or observes it from afar, knows it’s a broken country. But none of the main parties are addressing why it’s broken – or how to fix it. But that’s […]

Is Brexit any future for the young?

Jon Danzig |

Babies are being born in Britain who will grow up never having experienced the benefits of EU membership. The right to live, work, travel or retire across most of our continent. The life-changing experience of studying abroad with other young people under the Erasmus scheme. The enormous job and career opportunities more easily accessible across […]

Brexit: Millions were denied a vote

Jon Danzig |

The Conservatives 2015 manifesto promised ‘votes for life’ for all Britons living abroad – in line with other major democracies, such as the USA, France, Italy, and Canada. Britons who’d been living abroad for more than 15 years weren’t allowed to vote in UK elections. But the Tories pledged to change that. Those Britons abroad […]

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