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Brexit: What David Cameron could have done

Jon Danzig |

On the day after the EU referendum, 24 June 2016, the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, stood outside 10 Downing Street. He could have said: “The people of the United Kingdom have all had their say.” But he didn’t. He didn’t mention “United Kingdom” at all. What he actually said was: “Over 33 million people, from […]

Fixing broken Britain starts with changing a lightbulb

Jon Danzig |

UK democracy needs radical reform, but there’s little evidence our leaders are ready to take up the challenge, writes Alun Drake. I’m a great fan of jokes involving defective light bulbs. Here’s an example: how many climate change deniers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: none, because they claim it’s too early […]

It was never just about trade

Jon Danzig |

Eurosceptics often claim that they love Europe but hate the European Union. They assert that Britain can still be part of Europe without having to be part of the European Union. That, of course, is true to an extent, but it rather misses the point and purpose of the EU. The European Economic Community – […]

Only a united Europe can bring us peace

Jon Danzig |

The EU is the most successful peace project in human history. Sure, it’s not perfect. But as a model for neighbouring countries to democratically work together, in cooperation and in peace, for the common goals of prosperity and security with respect for human rights, there is no better example on planet earth. If the world’s […]

The Russian Connection - update

Jon Danzig |

There is no doubt across the world, even in Russia, that Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the murder on Friday of Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. Just as there is now little doubt that Russia directly interfered in the UK’s democratic processes – the Scottish referendum in 2014, the EU referendum in 2016, and […]

The day Britain ditched old money

Jon Danzig |

Compared to Brexit, the day Britain ditched its old money and adopted a new decimal currency was smooth sailing. Work on the new system began in earnest in March 1966 and decimalisation day came five years later, on 15 February 1971, when the government launched the new currency across the country. The familiar pounds, shillings […]

How can Labour win next time?

Jon Danzig |

To win power, and to stay in power for more than one term, Labour needs to do something special. It’s a sobering thought that although there have been six Labour Prime Ministers since the party was formed in 1900, only three of them won general elections: Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, and Tony Blair. The Tory […]

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