Today, Rejoiners outnumber Brexiters

Jon Danzig |

There are no longer 17.4 million Leave supporters and haven’t been for years.

Today, according to numerous polls by different pollsters, Rejoiners outnumber Brexiters by a significant margin – certainly bigger than the small margin for Leave in the referendum.

So, why don’t the Tories or Labour want to offer us, ‘the people’, a new democratic opportunity to reconsider Brexit?

Isn’t it a key purpose of democracy to give voters opportunities to change their minds?

Brexiters say we must wait 40 years for a new vote on Brexit, but that doesn’t make sense.

After the first referendum in 1975 – in which ‘Remain’ won by a landslide – there was another democratic opportunity to vote the UK out of the European Community just eight years later.

It’s now eight years since the 2016 referendum.

Won’t it soon be time for a new vote on Brexit? What’s holding back the Tories and Labour?

  • 4-minute video: Brexiters-R-Outnumbered


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