Brexit doesn’t have informed consent

Jon Danzig |

Nobody gave ‘informed consent’ for Brexit. That’s because, in the 2016 referendum, the electorate was not sufficiently informed.

On the contrary, we were grossly misinformed.

Legally, informed consent means that consent has been given with full knowledge of:

  • the risks involved,
  • the probable consequences,
  • and the alternatives.

– During the referendum we were not fully aware of all the risks of Brexit, especially as ‘Leave’ did not define what kind of Brexit we’d get.

– During the referendum who really understood the “probable consequences” of Brexit? Would so many voters have opted for it had they fully realised that it would make us poorer, with increased costs of living, and so many barriers to trade with our nearest and most important neighbours?

– During the referendum we were not told about the different Brexit alternatives. Brexiters were only given the option of one meaningless, undefined word: ‘Leave’.

Because voters didn’t and couldn’t give their informed consent for the Brexit we got after the referendum, one day there will need to be a new democratic opportunity to reconsider the decision to leave the EU.

And when that happens, we need the people to be properly informed, so that next time they can truly give their INFORMED CONSENT.

Only those against democracy disagree.

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