‘Brexit is a colossal mistake’

Jon Danzig |

Former Conservatives Prime Minister, Sir John Major, did not mince his words about Brexit at a Westminster committee meeting.

Speaking in February 2023, he asserted that leaving the European Union has been “a colossal mistake.”

We should be back in the #EU, he said, to keep Britain safe. He said:

“There are three great power blocs in the world today. The United Kingdom is not one of them.”

He spelt it out. “There’s America, there’s China, and there’s the European Union.”

Sir John continued, “Europe is going to face immense competition from both America and China.

“It may face military and security problems with China.

“Is Europe better able to represent its people with the United Kingdom inside the European Union, making it stronger, or outside making it weaker?”

The former Prime Minister’s answer was clear.

“I think not just us, but the whole of Europe is stronger with Britain in it.

“And when I look at the interests of my children and grandchildren, I think their future is brighter if they are part of a really big bloc who could work with us if we were in difficulty.”

He added:

“In a challenging economic world, and potentially difficult political world, how much safer we are in a large bloc than alone, and how much more secure we would be, in times of difficulty, with friends we can hug closely rather than people who may be less willing to come to the aid in difficulties of a country that stands entirely alone.”

Sir John concluded:

“Those are matters that are important for this generation and future generations, and I don’t think they were given the weight they deserved in the referendum.”

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