The Russian Connection – update

Jon Danzig |

There is no doubt across the world, even in Russia, that Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the murder on Friday of Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.

Just as there is now little doubt that Russia directly interfered in the UK’s democratic processes – the Scottish referendum in 2014, the EU referendum in 2016, and the general election in 2019.

This year is scheduled to have more elections across the world than any other in history – in the USA, in the UK, in India, in the EU, and many others.

And there is no doubt that Putin’s massive machine of insurgency is right now working overtime to infiltrate and attempt to change the outcome of any elections he deems necessary for his nefarious purposes.

If Trump wins this year’s US Presidential election, who will doubt that Putin helped him?

Members of the UK Parliament and others have been calling out Russia’s meddling into the highest echelons of British society and politics for years.

Despite this, the UK government has steadfastly refused to properly investigate, although as recently as December last year a junior government minister confirmed to an almost empty House of Commons that yes, indeed:

“the Russian Federal Security Services, the FSB, is behind a sustained effort to interfere in our democratic processes.”

The government’s failure to take seriously Russian interference in Britain’s democracy is expected to be heard later this year in a landmark case at the European Court of Human Rights.

The international court has ordered the government to respond to the legal claim brought by three MPs – Ben Bradshaw (Labour), Caroline Lucas (Green), and Alyn Smith (SNP).

Commented Ben Bradshaw:

“We argue that the government’s failure [to investigate] was a breach of its duty to ensure free and fair elections in the United Kingdom, and as such constitutes a very serious breach of its obligations to the British people.”

Commented Caroline Lucas:

“With a general election on the horizon, and with Russia’s war on Ukraine showing no sign of abating, the stakes have never been higher.”

She added:

“The future of democracy is on trial. For as long as our government refuses to fight for it and protect it, it’s up to us to do so.”

▪ My video, THE RUSSIAN CONNECTION, provides a summary of claims made in Parliament over recent years that Russia has infiltrated deeply into Britain’s democracy.

Please, share this widely. It needs to be watched in full, not by thousands, but by millions The claims, and the evidence uncovered so far, should shake the country to its core.

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